March 2023

A new monthly journal (?) by Ben Borgers.

March 1st

I’ve been thinking of creating a monthly journal website. You’re reading it! I have some more thoughts, too.

March 5th

On Friday, I released a feature in War Room called Plan, and I’ve written a bit about the thinking behind the feature!

March 9th

This semester I’m involved in a club called JumboCode at Tufts, that builds apps for non-profits. It’s my first time being involved in the club, and I have now learned things that I wish I knew before.

March 13th

Wrote up a quick list of projects I want to work on next.

The real reason for my multiple majors.

March 14th

Updated list of projects to work on next.

War Room: Expansion Features.

March 23rd

JumboCode Plans (🎉)

I also wrote about my love for sentinels in programming.

March 28th

I built a toy app based on ChatGPT called Chatty.

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